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*65 Hours

What is the Longest Open House?

A WORLD RECORD - 65 hour fundraising event opening doors to the memories that can be made in a home and the efforts that are fighting to protect those memories from Alzheimer's

Going National

Mega Open Houses across the Nation all at the same time raising awareness for those fighting Alzheimer's


Hours Of Open Houses To #endALZ

Flighting Alzheimer's

Creating Memories

Spreading Awareness


We are going NATIONAL!!

Kyle Olson has recently been recognized by the National Association of Realtors for his Longest Open House event. In its third year, the “Longest Open House” initiative, rooted in Fargo, ND, stands as a testament to the power of real estate working for a noble cause. This event has brilliantly combined the realms of real estate with Alzheimer’s awareness, garnering significant attention and support. With its foundation in community engagement and philanthropy, the initiative has seen remarkable success in fundraising and public awareness. As a result, Kyle is expanding his initiative nationwide by inspiring Realtors throughout the nation hosting Longest Day Open Houses across the country. As Kyle takes his initiative nationwide, the event serves as a beacon of hope and support for the Alzheimer’s community. Join him in making a difference and working towards a world without Alzheimer’s and related dementias.


Why Attend?

Flighting Alzheimer's

Creating Memories

Spreading Awareness


Frequently Asked Questions

NO, this is not a let’s see if we can Kill Kyle, but I intend to be at the home all weekend and available for any visitors during the entire time. Feel free to stop in at 3am and see if I am awake! (Bring some coffee). Last Year Kyle stayed up and was LIVE on facebook once every hour through out the event. Watch for the early morning streams for some fun videos!

The Longest Open House in 2023 raised just over $18,000 to fight Alzheimer's. Kyle Olson set a third world record for the Longest Open house at 64 hours.



Hours Hosted

Money Raised


$25,000 Goal

Our Sponsor & Partnering Companies

Ronald Braaten
To honor the memory of an Employees Dad

Kyle is a good friend and even better person. This is a great cause and we look forward to helping this event grow.

We want to support the work of the Alzheimer’s Association in our community.

Thank you for supporting our events!

Voices For

Alzheimer's Awareness

Come together with us as we raise awareness of Alzheimer’s through a massive movement. Each story, every piece of coverage, and all the conversations started by the ‘Longest Open House’ are important in advancing research, support, and hope. Our press efforts focus on creating a link between those affected by Alzheimer’s and a supportive community rather than just creating eye candy.

Host Kyle Olson
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What attendees are saying

The "Longest Open House" initiative has made significant strides in blending real estate with philanthropy, raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research. Its innovative approach has attracted community engagement and set a precedent for how industry professionals can contribute to a cause.

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Andrea Graphic Media

What an awesome idea! Kyle makes giving back even more fun by supporting other local talent and arranging entertainment at the open house to drive traffic and increase awareness for ALZ. His creativity and servant heart really shine through at this event.

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Laura Attendee

The Longest Open House is a remarkable 65-hour community event brimming with engaging activities like beanbag tournaments, video games and more. Beyond the impressive duration, the seamless blend of entertainment and fundraising creates an uplifting atmosphere for a great cause.

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Emily Alzheimer's Association

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